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name:HT-LSB strontium salt long - acting modifier

time:2018-11-3 14:23:38

This product is used for the modification of al - si alloy.
Product features
Low temperature, equilibrium reaction, no combustion, no long harm, easy to use. The deterioration time is 4-6 hours and has refining effect.
Method of use
When the aluminum alloy reaches a certain temperature, the slag sprinkle the metamorphic agent on the surface of the aluminum liquid, press the crucible 2/3 after melting, and pour after 10 minutes.
The process parameters
Temperature: 720 ℃ to 760 ℃
Time: 8-10 minutes
Dosage: 5-10kg/T aluminum
Packing and specification
Each bag 2.5kg, each box 25kg, plastic bag sealed, stored dry place, valid for 12 months.
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