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name:HT - LR compound

time:2018-11-3 14:25:33

This product is used to remove the scum on the surface of pure aluminum and aluminum alloy after smelting.
Product features
Increase the surface tension of aluminum and slag, good separation of aluminum liquid, dry slag, loose, easy to remove.
This product can be used both inside and outside the furnace. This product is the heat furnace for the better slag.
Method of use
Use in the furnace: sprinkle the heating agent evenly on the slag surface, then gently beat, stir the aluminum slag 3-5 minutes can scrape the slag.
Use outside the furnace: spread the heater evenly in the newly scraped slag, then fry the slag.
The process parameters
Temperature: 700 ℃ to 740 ℃
Dosage: 1-3kg/T aluminum
Packing and specification
Each bag is 5kg, each box is 25kg, the plastic bag is sealed, and the dry place is kept, and the period of validity is 12 months.

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