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name:HT - Fe75 iron

time:2018-11-3 15:11:33

I. purpose:

Adjust the content of iron in different grades of aluminum alloy to replace the intermediate alloy, which can reduce the melting temperature.

Ⅱ. Product features:

1. Element content 75%
2. The yield is greater than 95%
3. Direct input, easy to use.
Ⅲ. Usage:
According to the production of alloy element content in the alloy and the results of the analysis before furnace, calculated at 90% of the casting yield good need to add dose (Fe agent quantity) after grilled slag, uniform aluminum points and thrown into the molten pool directly, after being small flame disappeared, should adapt to strengthen artificial stirring, make its spread evenly, and according to the actual situation, the spread of the guarantee time.
Ⅳ. Process parameters:
1, using temperature: 740-760 ℃
2. Amount of addition (kg) = (alloy element composition (%) - pre-furnace analysis of the element content)
3. Melting time: 15-30 minutes
Ⅴ. packaging and storage:
Each box is 25kg and stored in dry place for 6 months.
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