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name:Beryllium copper

time:2018-11-3 15:32:50

name brand Alloy elements % use Add the amount Melt temperature ℃ features
Copper silicon CuSi16 Si13.5~16.5 Adjust ingredients to improve plasticity Needs vary 800 crispy
Copper and manganese CuMn22 Mn20~25 Fine grain, improve plasticity and eliminate hot - rolled crack 2~3‰ 850~900 toughening
Copper and nickel CuNi15 Ni14~18 Adjust ingredients to improve plasticity 2~3‰ 1050~1200 toughening
Copper and iron CuFe10 Fe9~11 Refine the grain and improve the plasticity of cold working 3~5‰ 1300~1400 toughening
Copper  antimony CuSb50 Sb49~51 Fine grains 2~3‰ 680 crispy
Beryllium copper CuBe4 Be3.8~4.8 Fine grains 1~3‰ 1100~1200 toughening
Copper phosphorus CuP14 P13~15 Grain refining, degassing deoxygenation 1~3‰ 900~1020 crispy
Copper  magnesium CuMg10 Mg9~11 Fine grains 1~3‰ 750~800 crispy
Copper rare earth CuRe15 Re14~16 Grain refining, desulphurization, deoxidation, improve performance, improve electrical conductivity 2~4‰ 1050~1200 toughening
Copper  titanium CuTi20 Ti18~20 Fine grains 1~5‰ 970~1020 toughening
Copper and zirconium CuZr10 Zr8~12 Fine grains 2~3‰ 1100~1200 toughening
Copper boron CuB3 B3~3.8 Improve electrical conductivity 0.5~2‰ 1200~1250 toughening
The chemical composition impurities of copper intermediate alloy are produced according to YS/283-1994 standard
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